Self Catering Holiday Gîte Rental near Carcassonne.
Arrival in August 2020 from €800 for 7-nights.
La Royale Gîte sleeps 4 in 2 bedrooms, plus a Sofa Bed.
Gîte capacity : maximum 6 persons.

Self Catering Gîte Holiday Rental near Carcassonne - Arrival in 2018 from €500 for 7-nights. Gîte sleeps 4 in 2 bedrooms,
 plus a Sofa bed.


Carcassonne Holidays


Self-Catering holiday gîte for holiday rentals near Carcassonne in the South of France.

Where exactly is Gîte La Royale near Carcassonne?

Located in rural southern France surrounded by garrigue countryside and agricultural land, La Royale's gîte rental is set within 20,000 m2 or nearly 5 acres of private terrain in the South of France near Carcassonne offering holidaymakers a detached self-catering holiday villa or French gîte for vacation rental. Our nearest village is Villardonnel. Our nearest city is Carcassonne.

The double-bedroom furniture at Gîte La Royale,
 a self-catering holiday rental villa near Carcassonne.


Carcassonne Self Catering Holiday Gîte - Peace and Quiet !

Family owned and family friendly, Domaine La Royale is a tranquil place near Carcassonne with panoramic views in all directions. Our detached self-catering holiday gite for rental is ideally situated to enable you to appreciate all the richness of Aude in Southern France. The only traffic passing La Royale might be a farming machine or a couple of cars every hour, if at all !  The sounds you will hear is nature doing what it does, especially the dawn chorus. The cigales chime in too, but not until La Royale reaches about 25ºc, which is commonplace during summer.


The double-bedroom bed and cabinets at Gîte La Royale,
 a self-catering holiday rental villa near Carcassonne.


What is there to see and do at Gîte La Royale and near Carcassonne?

Whether you seek a relaxing or an adventurous holiday, Carcassonne and the surrounding region of Aude has something for everyone. Our self-catering holiday gîte for vacation rental is well-positioned for tourism and enjoyability by facing South on the southern foothills of the Montagne Noire about 390m above sea level overlooking the medieval town of Carcassonne in the Aude valley. To the North of Gîte La Royale, the Montagne Noire forest region is great to explore, with many fine lakes, awesome views and s-p-a-c-e, so don't be surprised if you don't see another person in over an hour or more plus.  But, if holiday relaxation is your priority - such as finishing that book, rambling in the countryside, or sunbathing in pursuit of a perfect tan, Gîte La Royale Self-Catering near Carcassonne is ideal too !


The twin-bed bedroom and some furniture at Gîte La Royale,
 a self catering holiday rental near Carcassonne.

From La Royale's gîte terrace on a clear night, the city lights of Carcassonne can be seen twinkling like tiny coloured jewels on black velvet and there is no artificial-light pollution so gazing at the distant stars in the night sky is easy. During the day, there are many historic and cultural places to visit nearby, including popular man-made lakes to take a dip and cool-off, or to throw a picnic. The iconic fortified city of Carcassonne and the Canal du Midi, are close-by and are both UNESCO World Heritage Sites in France. Carcassonne also has a truly magnificent cathedral near the town centre.

In central Carcassonne from midday until very late in the evening, there are tons of restaurants and cafés to try, or you may wish to pause all that sight-seeing and take a breather somewhere just to sit and relax with an aperitif in the balmy atmosphere of Carcassonne town, sampling the unique ambiance of the, " South of France " and watch the world go by.


The self-catering holiday rental kitchen at Gîte La Royale near Carcassonne.

What's the Carcassonne weather like and why should I think more about renting your gîte in the South of France?

Near Carcassonne, La Royale's self-catering holiday gite is surrounded by fauna and flora and with cows grazing upon the hillocks, real nature is always close to hand allowing you to savour the rustic charms of the countryside of Aude in the South of France. Located on the southern foothills of the Montagne Noire near Carcassonne, La Royale enjoys a very agreeable Mediterranean climate rather than the cooler and fresher Mountain climate that occurs at a much higher altitude and further North. So, from the middle of June, July, August and until the end of September, look forward to warm sunny holidays without daily rain.

This picture shows the covered terrace and some terrace furniture at Gîte La Royale,
 a self catering holiday rental near Carcassonne.

Visit your favourite weather website to check out the current and historic weather conditions for the Carcassonne region in the South of France to help you plan your well-earned holiday. You can also click on our website's map page powered by Google to figure-out exactly where our South of France self-catering gîte holiday rental is located in relation to Carcassonne and the coast of the Mediterranean sea.


This picture shows the view from self catering Gîte La Royale near Carcassonne. Carcassonne is in the distance about 20 mins by car. Photo: March 2017.


What kind of customers rent your holiday gîte near Carcassonne ?

All sorts of gîte customers from Europe, the USA, New Zealand, and from all walks of life. They most often share something in common in that they normally live or work in a coastal area and a countryside adventure appeals enormously!  Forest, mountainous terrain, huge wide-open public spaces for walking and exploring, freshwater lakes, fresh and fragrant air, historic monuments, wine tasting, local village fetes, markets and festivals, bird watching, fishing, and many other countryside pursuits.

A beach-lovers holiday gîte rental this is not but what we found is that our gîte customers usually visit a beach once or maybe twice during their stay at Gîte La Royale and thoroughly enjoyed the road-trip there and back which seems to me to be the best of both worlds? If you seek to sample and enjoy the real South of France, with their regional choice of recipes and local attractions, you really need to go inland a bit. Talking of recipes, most every big shopping centre has a self-service restaurant nearby, in which your family can luncheon or dine French cuisine at a very reasonable price - Carcassonne has 3 restaurants like this. And of course, if you seek the finest cuisine, you'll find both chic or romantically traditional French restaurants in Carcassonne too.


Self Catering Holiday Rental Gîte near Carcassonne,
 South of France.

Self-Catering holiday gîte accommodation near Carcassonne
South of France


With Carcassonne gîte rental choices aplenty - La Royale promotes its self catering holiday gîte as a good holiday rental property to consider!

In the Carcassonne area, are you thinking about renting self-catering gîtes for your next holiday break? - Because, did you know that considerable savings can be had by renting a self-catering holiday villa property whilst on your holiday vacation in Southern France? So maybe, choosing self-catering Carcassonne, is a good holiday rental choice?

Simply r-e-l-a-x in our detached holiday gite's private terrace and private garden and enjoy cooking your own meals whilst looking out over Carcassonne towards the French Pyrenees, taking in the scenery of the beautiful countryside in the South of France. Have your family meals outdoors whilst watching the beautiful sunrise or sunsets, or just listening to the birds!  Kick off your sandals and fall back into a sofa in the privacy of your own rented French holiday home. In France, our type of villa holiday-rental accommodation are called Gites or, French Gîtes. Gîte La Royale is a fresh, functional, pleasant place to stay and a great base to spend your holiday in and around the Carcassonne region doing what you want to do!

Are you searching for holiday rental gîtes in the Carcassonne area or Carcassonne rental properties? If you are, then here's our self-catering holiday gîte rental accommodation near Carcassonne in the South of France at a glance ...


Self Catering Holiday gîte rental feature summary:

  • Our gîte is near Carcassonne
  • Gîte sleeps 4 persons in modern beds. 1 Sofa bed in Lounge-Diner
  • 1 double bedroom (1 double bed)
  • 1 twin bedroom (2 single beds)
  • Lounge-Diner with local French TV & UK Freesat TV
  • Separate kitchen with dishwasher & fridge
  • Separate shower room
  • Separate toilet with hand-basin
  • Private gîte garden with furnished covered terrace
  • Fully double-glazed. Factory-fitted fly screens on 3 main windows
  • Unobstructed views South towards Carcassonne and beyond
  • Holiday Gîte located in a rural area near Carcassonne
  • Private off-road parking for gîte customers
  • No swimming pool | Fans in every room
  • Ceramic tiled flooring throughout

Self Catering Holiday gîte rental benefits summary:

  • Near the Cité de Carcassonne , Canal du Midi , and Lastours
  • Quiet and tranquil near-Carcassonne countryside location
  • Panoramic views of Carcassonne and the Aude valley
  • Carcassonne Self-Catering Holiday Gîte Rental Value
  • South facing Gîte & Gîte garden  |   Free Sunshine !
  • Gîte offers plenty of space to kick a football or fly a kite
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... which took you your time to browse our holiday gîte rental pages. Not so very long ago there were just a handful of Carcassonne gîtes for rental but nowadays there are literally thousands of holiday rental accommodation offers for self-catering near Carcassonne, which is great news for the holiday maker to be presented with so many holiday choices in and around Carcassonne. But you looked around this website for a while to see what gîte La Royale can offer you for your self-catering holiday in the Carcassonne area, and we appreciate that. La Royale has fifteen-plus years experience in delivering reliable and value-for-money gîte rental holidays.

Avoid Gîte La Royale near Carcassonne - it's a terrible place!

Thankfully, that is a faux holiday-rental review, but if it were true, it is a stark and very public reminder to us that our self-catering holiday rental is not good at all !  We prefer that you enjoy your self-catering holiday rental at La Royale and to tell your friends how nice it was when you get back home. So, as on-site owners and hands-on managers of our gîte, we ensure that everything is working inside (and outside of the gite) and is, as-it-should-be and that nothing is missing, broken, blocked, or damaged.

Your self catering holiday rental should be pleasant from Day 1 and everything should function properly from the word, Go !  If you wish to leave a review or offer a critique, please do below. We always seek to improve our holiday rental experience near Carcassonne to make Gîte La Royale even better, so please do share your thoughts with us!

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About the slideshow pictures of our holiday Gîte La Royale near Carcassonne -

Other than the super picture showing the mediaeval City of Carcassonne which was snapped with a bit of zoom from La Royale by a camping customer years ago, the photos in the slide show above were all taken during 2017 and feature La Royale and our self-catering holiday gîte near Carcassonne.

Self Catering Gites Carcassonne area - Gîte La Royale

Gîte La Royale
South of France Self-Catering Holiday Accommodation Rental 2003 - 2020
Arrondissement de Carcassonne


Choosing the best self catering holiday rental near Carcassonne -

And lastly, you have probably spent the last week or so trying to find that perfect Carcassonne gite for your holiday?  We do hope that you'll choose our self catering holiday rental near Carcassonne but we totally understand if Gîte La Royale is not a good fit. Do shop for self-catering holidays carefully though, because the inviting photo of the gîte swimming pool or interior accommodation may look ideal, but ask yourself how long ago were those photos taken? Also ask if the gîte's swimming pool is for the exclusive use of your party during your holiday? And, does the gîte have a pleasant view with a sunny aspect? - just a few holiday rental tips to consider to help you make the right self-catering holiday choice.

All the self-catering holiday gîte accommodation information and photos of Gîte La Royale on this website are 2017 & 2018.