" What is a gîte caution ? "

Gîte La Royale Caution Deposit !
Our gîte rental caution explained ... 


What is a gîte caution ? Well, the short answer is that it's the bit that the insurance company won't pay in the event of an insurance claim for loss or damage.

So, here at gîte La Royale, you will be expected to deposit exactly €150 euros in cash upon arrival as a caution (pronounced, cor-she-on). That caution can be used to compensate the gîte landlord for major damage such as a broken window, door, or a damaged sink or toilet, busted TV, etc. If you do not damage a major component of the gîte, your caution will refunded in full upon your departure but if you or any member of your party are unfortunate enough to break something important, your caution will be used towards financing the costs of repairing or replacing the damaged item. Why ? - because there is an insurance policy excess (called a, "Franchise"  (pronounced, Fran-sheez) in France) which is imposed by La Royale's insurer which means they won't pay 100% of the value of any claim. If they did pay 100% of a claim, then La Royale wouldn't bother asking you for a caution.

If you look at other gîtes for holiday rental in the South of France, you will find a caution stipulated in their holiday gîte rental terms and conditions which is standard holiday rental practice with gîte reservations in France.

If you look at your own property insurance contract, you may well find something called the insurance policy excess - which is the amount of money that you will have to cover when you submit a claim. For example, if you claim on your insurance for a £1000 loss, or cost of repairs, the insurers would only agree to pay the first £850 or £900 lets say, and you would have to provide the remaining amount of your claim. Or that example put another way, you pay a small amount towards the cost of your claim and your insurance company pays the rest.

Gîte La Royale are not concerned if you break a plate, drop a cup, or smash a wine glass, because that is generally considered by landlords to be, "fair wear and tear" but if you crack a double-glazed window unit, for example, then that's expensive for Gîte La Royale to replace without your caution ! A caution deposit is not some sort of scam. In the last 10+ years, the vast majority of La Royale gîte holiday-makers have had their caution returned in full without any deductions.

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