Gîte La Royale Holiday Rental Terms & Conditions

Please read our Gîte La Royale Holiday Rental Terms & Conditions carefully because by reserving a holiday rental at Gîte La Royale confirms you have read, understood and agree with La Royale's gîte rental payment Terms & Conditions on this page.

Gîte La Royale Holiday Rental - For reservations during the months of July and August we only offer gîte holiday rental reservations for Arrival-Saturday to Departure-Saturday or Arrival-Sunday to Departure-Sunday for 7 or 14 nights ( in other words, there are no mid-week arrivals / departures during July and August ). Note: If you wish to arrive at a later date or depart at an earlier date, then that decision is your holiday travel choice, but the full rental price for 7 or 14 nights must be paid in full, meaning that there are no pro-rata discounts or deductions for non-occupied dates.

Gîte La Royale Holiday Rental Payment - By credit or debit card In full and in advance of your arrival. No cash or cheques.
♦ 25% non-refundable deposit when you make your reservation and the remaining amount is payable not less than 30 calendar days before your date of arrival.
♦ If you are making a reservation less than 30 calendar days before your arrival, the amount in full is payable when you make your reservation.


Gîte La Royale Holiday Rental Cancellations - No refunds in whole or in part regardless of any unforeseen event or for any medical reason outside our control. It is entirely your responsibility to ensure that you have adequate holiday insurance to compensate you and your party for any financial loss in the event that you seek to cancel your reservation at Gîte La Royale. Credit card or debit card companies may offer holiday insurance when you pay for your holiday using their card services - so please contact your card issuer (or insurance broker). In the event that you cancel your reservation, we will happily cooperate with your insurance claims procedure by supplying confirmation of your spending with Gîte La Royale.

Gîte La Royale Damage Caution Deposit  -  You will be expected to deposit €150 euros in cash upon arrival as a caution (pronounced, cor-she-on). The caution can be used to compensate the gîte landlord for major damage such as a broken window, door, or a damaged sink or toilet, busted TV, etc. If you do not damage a major component of the gîte, your caution will refunded in full (*) upon your departure but if you or any member of your party are unfortunate enough to break something important, your caution will be used towards financing the costs of repairing or replacing the damaged item. Why ? - because there is a policy excess (called a Franchise [ pronounced Fran-sheez ] in France) which is imposed by La Royale's insurer which means they won't pay 100% of the value of any claim. If they did, La Royale wouldn't bother asking you for a caution. If you look at other gîtes for holiday rental in the South of France, you will find a caution stipulated in their holiday gîte rental terms and conditions which is standard holiday rental practice with gîte reservations in France. For instance, Gîte La Royale are not concerned if you break a plate, drop a cup, or smash a wine glass, as that is generally considered by landlords to be, "fair wear and tear" but if you crack a double-glazed window unit, for example, then that's expensive for Gîte La Royale to replace without your caution ! A caution deposit is not some sort of scam. In the last 10+ years, the vast majority of La Royale gîte holiday-makers have had their caution returned in full without any deductions.

Gîte La Royale Final Cleaning - Either you do the final cleaning and leave the gîte immaculately clean, or we can arrange for the final cleaning to be done for you for an extra €60 which is due when paying your reservation deposit or together with any other payment to us concerning your reservation. You cannot decide whether or not you want to pay for final cleaning upon your arrival because we need to know in advance of your final cleaning choice so that cleaners can be organised. So please decide about gîte final-cleaning in advance.

(*) Important - If you choose to do the final cleaning yourself and your cleaning is not perfect, we reserve the right to retain €50 from your caution deposit.


These Gîte La Royale Terms & Conditions were last updated on the 5th of August 2017. We reserve the right to amend these Terms & Conditions without giving prior notice. You may wish to print a copy of this page when you make your holiday rental reservation.



On 26 July 2017 the refurbishment of gîte La Royale was completed.
La Royale are now accepting reservations for August & September holiday gîte rentals.

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